Stream of Consciousness

I'm sitting here at work (except now that I'm typing this I'm actually at home), writing this post in order to pass by the time. Yeah, my job is that exciting and I love it that much. In all reality though, I do thank God daily for blessing me with a job and, ultimately, a way out of my current situation. I may complain to a few select people every so often about it, but I'm always reminded that it's temporary and, soon enough, I'll be able to work where I want. For those that don't know, I work for a health care directory company. My dad actually got my this job; he's been working here for 8 years. I'm a research associate (RA) and I make calls to physician offices to collect and verify information. Since I started on July 6, I've been working on the same project, collecting email addresses. It's very repetitive. It gets old; fast. Thankfully, my hours are awesome (if, you know, you don't mind getting up at 4:45 am) because I get off at 1:55pm daily. It gives me plenty of time to be with my little stud muffin.

Speaking of my super cute stud, he's growing like a weed these days! For a 17 1/2 month old, I have to admit that he is an excellent listener and takes directions so well. He says "ball", "wow", "woah", and "oh yeah" on occasion, but I wouldn't call him a talker by any means. He just babbles and makes loud noises... all the time. I used to be very worried about his lack of talking (and still am to some degree) but the fact that he's been able to understand me, take directions, point out items in books and around the house, and point to body parts since he was 12 months has definitely put my mind at ease. G has his 18 month well visit next and his pedi wanted him saying 15 words by then which he isn't, so I'm sure we'll talk about it at that time. Other than the [lack of] talking, G Man is doing fantastic.

In other news, I really... and I mean really want to blog and gush about something, but unfortunately I just led y'all on with that because I can't. Well, I could, but I won't. Not now at least. Maybe in a month or so? But trust me, if I could talk about it right now... on my blog... I would. It's just too soon... and possibly inappropriate. Just know that what is is, is make me very happy... which is why I'm still going on about this even though I shouldn't have said anything in the first place. But hey, this is a stream of consciousness post. If I think of it, I write it. When you write, and not plan, it's amazing what you'll come up with. Not only are you seeing your thoughts written down, but I find that I surprise myself by not realizing what I was thinking about or how much it was on my mind.

I found out the other day that G's dad is for sure deploying. He activates Aug 2. I'm not going to lie, but part (or a lot, rather) of me is excited and relieved. It's going to be so nice to not have him and all his drama he brings around me. I make a conscious effort to keep any drama away from myself and my son. It's not always easy when S is around. In fact, it's very difficult. So due to that, I'm relieved that he's leaving. I also have a heart, though, and I'm sad my son is going to have to go 7 months without seeing his dad. I'm also not thrilled about having to seriously do the whole single parent thing. For the most part, I am a single mom and have been for quite some time, but I do get a lot of help from S's mom. She's always willing to babysit. Come November though, that's not going to be a readily available option. G won't spend every other weekend and occasional days with his dad. I'll have to have him all the time (which I don't mind... but a break is also nice since I am single and all). There's a very good chance I'll be living on my "own" (w/ a room mate) by then so I won't have the luxury of the built-in grandparent babysitter. I've been very spoiled as of late when it comes to wanting to go out and having a (free) babysitter right at my fingertips. Thankfully, G has an Opa who loves him very dearly and enjoys spending time on the weekends with him so I'm sure I'll get a break that way. I know it won't be easy though. Having to do the whole parenting thing alone is already hard and lonely, but it's doable, just not always enjoyable.

And scene =)