Tickle Me Gunnar

In latest G news.... he has a new laugh! Actually, he actually has a laugh now! The giggles, coos, and squeals were cute, but now an actual laugh exists and I can't get enough of it. I'm hoping to get a video of it tomorrow so stay tuned for that.

The other night I was going over some things that we "need" and some things that I "want." I'm starting school again (yay!) at the end of next month and will get a very nice grant. Since I'm going to a JC I won't need to use all that money, so we plan on using the rest of it to pay off some (or all) debt and the rest to put in the savings. While I was going through how much it would cost for school and supplies I realized we'd have a nice chunk left over. With that in mind, I started to think about some things that we will be needed in the not so distant future. Here are those things:

1. Britax Boulevard CS- G is starting to get a little to heavy for me to be carrying him around in the infant carseat so a convertible carseat is a must.

2. Baby Einstein Stationary Entertainer- We never purchased one because it's not something you use right away and didn't see a reason to spend that money at the moment. Now, though, it's becoming obvious that it's something we could really use.

3. 15 in Macbook Pro- My laptop bit the dust a few months back and we have yet to buy a new harddrive for it. It's $90 that I can never seem to justify spending when Sean has a laptop I can use (which is on it's way to it's death bed as well). It occured to me last night that school money is to be used for school supplies and living expenses... thus a laptop that I would be using for my online classes would be an essential expense. Ever since my senior year of HS when I took video production, I've wanted a mac. I love the way they work so much more than a pc. So, if I can, I'll be getting this beautiful laptop.

10 on Tuesday

10. Still praying for Stellan. I hope you are too.

9. We've officially made the switch to fitteds and prefolds only and I couldn't be happier! I'm still waiting on 8 diaperaps to come in the mail (should be here tomorrow) and then I'll have an amazing stash where I could go FOUR days without washing if I needed to. I doubt that'll happen.

8. I have a new favorite diaper... piddle poddles. enough said.

7. We're still waiting on the word on when Sean is supposed to start his new job. Rumor has it that it should be within the next week. Cross your fingers and pray for us please!

6. The past few days I've been watching a lot of shows that have pregnant women (or girls... 16 & pregnant) on them and it's been making me jealous. Why? Not entirely sure, but I miss being pregnant. I in no ways want another child now, but I miss all the good things about being pregnant.

5. In regards to #6, Husband told me today that he wants to wait until we're living in a house before we start trying for #2. My heart sunk a little. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

4. I haven't been on the sewing machine in a few WEEKS. That's right, I said weeks. I have a few things I could sew, but it's like I'm in a sewing slump and can't get out of it.

3. Gunnar is now sitting up unsupported a lot better than he was previously. He still bobbles around and occasionally flies backwards, but he's getting the hang of it!

2. My daddy ordered G a mobile (we don't have one) and I'm soooo excited for it to come in the mail on Friday. It's a cry-activated one and seems to be exactly what we need since G wakes up several times a night for no reason what so ever.

1. On a more personal and possibly *TMI* note, my boobs leaked during sex.... for the first time ever. Husband didn't care at all and actually said "it's ok, it happens" but it was just weird. I should have known it would happen since it had been 3 hours since G ate and he nurses every 3 hours, but was napping at this time.


I was going to start doing "Not Me Mondays" today, but because Stellan is back in the hospital and not doing well I figured I could hold off and start next week. This family is truly amazing and has been through so much with their youngest son. I can't imagine the pain all of them are going through and I hope I never have to, but they do and they need prayers! Stellan finally came home in April after never leaving the hospital from the time he was born, and now he has returned because his SVT came back. God is the most amazing and only true miracle worker in our lives and if we all just say one small prayer for Stellan and his family it would truly help this family. So today, when you hug and kiss your child(ren), see a child outside, on tv, anywhere, stop and say a quick prayer.

Ten on Tuesday

I really need to get into the habit of posting (at least) 4 times a week so I'm trying to find ways for me to do that. My amazing cw sister Kassi (http://notlonghence.blogspot.com/) does a post called "10 on Tuesday" and I thought it was a great idea so I decided to do it weekly! Thanks, Kassi!

1. We moved out of the in laws on friday... then moved back in on Monday. It didn't work out with the roommate we had and it was disappointing at first, but we've realized it's for the best and there is something bigger and better out there waiting for us. God always has a plan!

2. During these past few days I've grown 110% in my faith. I'm in awe of the attitude I've had about everything that's gone on.

3. Gunnar is finally back to only waking up 2 times a night and I'm so thankful!

4. Sean starts his new job the first week of August! Hooray!!

5. I most definitely spent about $40 today on some new cloth diapers for Gunnar. We're streamlining our stash to PFs, Fitteds, and Contours. I'm excited for my ELEVEN new diapers to come!!

6. Sunday was family day at Sean's unit. We were there for a VERY long time since we only have one car and had to go up at the same time (7 am). It was nice to get outdoors but not the most ideal situation when you have a 5 month old who needs to get in 3 2-hour naps a day.

7. I've made the switch to caffeine-free pepsi. It's sad and doesn't quite taste the same, but I think the caffeine was causing some problems with Gunnar and it's usually the first thing recommended to cut out of a BFing mom's diet. Boo.

8. So there's this application on facebook... farmville... and I'm officially obsessed. The end.

9. For the first time in I don't even know how many months, I went and got a mani/pedi. It was the most relaxing thing and was so enjoyable! I think I should do it more often.

10. I'm going to grow my hair out (color wise). I'm sick of having blonde hair. The upkeep is awful and is not feasible when I have a baby to take care of. I'll let it grow out and then decide what I want to do with it.

I Can Hold My Own Bottle, Thank You

Gunnar's new thing... holding his own bottle! I can't believe how fast he's growing up. Since he's EBF he doesn't get too many bottles (maybe 3-4 a week, sometimes more) so I wasn't expecting him to learn how to hold his bottle yet. Last night though, for the first time, he held it all by himself and didn't even drop it down like he has in the past. I'm so proud of my baby boy!