Pregnancy Week by Week

Week 1: The Journey Begins
Week 2: Baby Koehler Conceived!
Week 3: Morning Sickness started (I didn't realize I could be preggo)
Week 4: June 22- Found out we're Expecting!
Week 5: 2 Months Pregnant
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 8: 1st OB appointment
Week 9: 3 Months Pregnant
Week 10: OB appointment- heard heartbeat for the 1st time
Week 11:
Week 12: OB appointment- 1st U/S & blood work
Week 13:
Week 14: Felt Baby move for the first time; 2nd Trimester!
Week 15: OB appointment- sequential screening part 2
Week 16:
Week 17: Morning sickness subsided; Felt baby kick from outside (17w,6d)
Week 18: Daddy felt baby kick for the first time (18w,2d)
Week 19: It's a Boy!!!
Week 20:
Week 21:
Week 22: 6 Months Pregnant
Week 23: OB appointment-140 bpm
Week 24: OB appointment- cyst under placenta is benign. Baby is 1lb 9oz
Week 25: Leaked colostrum for the first time- left side only
Week 26: Felt the outline of Gunnar's foot when he kicked (26w,6d)
Week 27: Final Trimester. OB appointment- passed glucose screening test
Week 28: Gunnar hangs out in my ribs. No longer able to eat a lot.
Week 29: No longer able to see over my belly while showering...
Week 30: Gunnar confirmed to be in head down position
Week 31: He dropped a little... cervix is lower

Pity Party for One

I'm only 26 weeks (technically I will be as of tomorrow) and I can already feel the 3rd trimester yuckness settle in. I woke up this morning with immense back pain that pretty much covered my entire back, and lucky me this isn't the first time this week that it's happened. Not only back pain, but also some lovely stomach pains and complete exhaustion- as in i'm ready to go to bed at 7pm.

This weekend (Saturday-Monday) we moved into Sean's parent's house for the next few months so we can save some money before Gunnar arrives. We didn't start packing until Thursday night so all night and then all of Friday we did nothing but pack. It was hectic and no fun, my body hated me for it. There were several times during the day where I would just get a ton of BH contractions because I was just doing too much for my body to handle. I was drinking water all day long too which i thought would help prevent it but it didn't. Since then, I've been having them every now and then- woe is me.

And then there's the school issue... a whole other story. A ended up dropping my history class and accepting the "w" (withdrawal). That class was just too much for me and I had an awful teacher that I was learning nothing from. History has always been my worst subject and if I have a teacher that can't teach it well or make it excited, i'm not going to do well. It's a GE course so I needed to get a C or better in order to get the credits and that wasn't going to happen so I said forget it i'm not wasting my energy on it anymore. My other 3 classes are going well but I'm at the point where i just want it all to be over (2 more weeks of classes left). I'm just at my wits end and have a hard time studying, staying in class for that full hour sitting on my butt, and just having the energy to get through the school day. Luckily though, the end is near and I can see the light.

/end rant.

C is for Cyst

Today was my appointment for a follow up on the cyst found under my placenta. GOOD NEWS! It's Benign! The doctor said that the cyst was something very common; they see it just about everyday. It's the result of amnion rising up and doesn't interfere with the baby at all. That was definitely a huge relief for me even though my OB said not to worry about it.

In addition to finding out that good news, we got to see all the other bits and pieces that make up our little boy. His kidneys are perfect, so is his heart. All measurements are right on target too! He's in the breech position with the top of his at the very tip top of my uterus (which is RIGHT under my ribs now) and his feet are off to the left side.. which explains all the kicking i've been feeling in my pelvis. Sean and I both noticed that this kid seems to have incredible long legs- just like his mama. His nose also looks to be the same as mine, but we'll see for sure in a few weeks. That's right! On November 26 we're having our 4D ultrasound! yay! I'm way excited for all the excitement that will bring.

That's all for now, hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

A Case of the Mondays

Project 365 has come to a halt. There is just too much going on right now that I don't have the time to remember to take a picture everyday and edit it, then post it (plus i'm working with a film camera which makes it that much more time consuming). I'll take it up next year sometime instead.

We have a cute new cute lil 10 week old puppy. His name is Benelli and he is a Belgian Shepherd Malinois. He is SO well behaved! Potty training it going well, he still has his accidents of course though because he hasn't developed the necessary muscles to hold it yet, but he understands that outside=bathroom. We also let him sleep on our bed with us at night and he doesn't have any accidents! In the two weeks we've had him we've taught him how to sit and are now working on sit-stay and shake. I'm looking to get him into a puppy class once he's 12 weeks, he needs the socialization.

For a more personal update, on the 17 of this month we'll be moving out of our apartment and into Sean's parent's house (don't worry i LOVE my in laws!). After going back on reserve status, Sean has had the hardest time finding a job despite his endless efforts. He is now in the process of going on RA for 9 months but was given the wrong paperwork and we're now back to square one. So who knows how long this process will take. In the meantime, we'll be living with his parents for a few months (February 1 will be the VERY latest i'm willing to stay there) so we can save money and make sure we have enough to move into a 2 bedroom place- we also need to get our savings going again. I really think this will help us out a lot because we can pay off some debt without having to worry about all those big ticket bills.

As far as the pregnancy goes, everything is ok so far. I have an appointment tomorrow morning for a follow up on the cyst found under my placenta. We'll see how that goes, but my OB said to not worry about it. The only thing that's been bothering me BIG time is that my tail bone has been literally KILLING me since last Saturday. I cannot sit for longer than 20 minutes at the most. It even hurts to lay down sometimes. I know it's due to the fact that Gunnar is sitting down low and just not in a fun spot but it still sucks; and then adding him kicking me in the pelvis which vibrates all through my lower back/tail bone area is NO fun! Ugh, it's just been one of those bad weeks and i'm ready for Thanksgiving holiday already.

Gunnar Kicking

I have to give the credit to Meggan G. for this idea because it was her video of Emalyn kicking that made me want to do this too- so thanks Meggan!
Anyways, after about 5 weeks of trying to get a clip of him kicking, I succeeded!! It's WAY harder than it seems.

Could I be...

any worse of a blogger? Seriously. For those who blog stalk me, I'm so sorry for my lack of posting. Truth is, there hasn't been a whole lot baby wise to post about. I'm 23 1/2 weeks along and just had another OB/GYN appointment this morning. Everything was good of course, nothing really exciting happens on the little check ups. My bp was 119/79 which is pretty high for me but I'll attribute it to some unknown factor lol. I've now gained (as of today) a total of 14 pounds! Yikes! I', 99% sure it's all in my butt too seeing as my MATERNITY pants are now tight in the ass, lovely. Oh the joys of having this kid in me.

So far I still haven't experienced heartburn. My doctor thought I had when I was telling her symptoms but after talking to a lot of people I found that heartburn does last a consistent 48 hours with no pain what so ever. That was just the awesome pain of having my uterus shoving my lungs up into my ribs and squishing the crud out of them.

Gunnar has been kicking me like crazy. Now I know what ladies mean when they say "boxing champ". It's so true! There have been a few times where he kicked me so hard it felt like A) my pelvis was going to shatter B) he was going to just fall out lol or C) I had period cramps. I love watching my belly jump around, it's good entertainment and Daddy loves it too! Hiccups are also a frequency with this lil boy and boy are they funny feeling. I'm still amazed everyday about the changes going on with my body and I couldn't be more in love with the way I look! I don't think i've felt this great about myself in a while (not like i ever hated the way i looked). I have more updates about project 365 and also about family life but I'll post those later on today- Just thought I'd give ya'll the baby update!

The "infamous" (yes, infamous) belly button
**my belly looks crooked because Gunnar was hangin out on my far right side**