We FINALLY got to see santa today! After having to keep putting it off, we were able to drive down to the mall today and wait for a good half hour to see Santa. It probably wasn't really worth the wait since we didn't get done until 4:30 and Gunnar had missed his afternoon nap (which is at 3:30) and he very badly needed to nurse. It has been 4 1/2 hours by the time we got home since his last nursing... normally he goes no longer than 3 1/2 hours. Anyways, despite him starting to get cranky by the time we got to the front of the line, he was all smiles for Santa. In between each photo taken (which included all of us clapping and saying "yay gunnar" in order to get him to smile) he would look up at Santa and try to grab his glasses. I was so glad he wasn't scared of him and that we actually got a good picture!

very merry.

Here are the rest* of the pictures from our little Christmas photo shoot

Yes this is a picture of his foot, and yes, this is one of my favorites.

*by rest I mean there's still more to be taken. These were done right before nap time (why I would decide to do it then I'll never know) so we have another session hopefully tomorrow if all goes well.

on the move.

10 months have gone by and crawling was no where in sight. We pretty much gave up any hope of it happening since Gunnar had well moved onto bigger and better things... cruising. It didn't help that the child would immediately roll onto his back once place on his stomach. Every. Single. Time.

Lately, though, he hasn't been so against being on his stomach. After falling onto his bum more times than I can count, he really had no choice but to enjoy being on his belly. Yesterday he started to really get into it and would push him self around in a circle (as he used to do months ago) and would kick his legs fanatically. And then it happened.... to my surprise, this morning, I spotted my child one moment laying on his back next to the couch and the next he is on his stomach in the middle of the living room. How the heck?? I kept an eye on him and watched as he started to low crawl towards a block that was on the floor. I was shocked! What? My child? The one who was supposed to skip the crawling stage and go straight to walking..... actually low crawling! And to think it literally happened over night! I was so happy for him. He needs to work on his upper body strength badly so this will help a ton.

Watch out.

Gunnar is on the move.

And he's goin' fast too!

Christmas Preview


Not Me! Monday

Yikes! I haven't done a "not me" monday post in a LONG time! Oopsie!

This afternoon, I most definitely did NOT go upstairs to get Gunnar up from his nap (after letting him stay there and cry for a bit) then rush back downstairs to get my phone so I could take a picture of this:

Nope, not me. I would never leave my child crying in his crib after he already saw me come to "rescue" him!

beanie baby.

My latest project that I *loooove*. I'm more in love with the fact that I started yesterday afternoon and finished tonight. About 5 hours total maybe?

Needle Size: 16" size 7 circ
Yarn: I honestly don't remember the name of it because I bought it a while ago, but it's wool =)

Brim folded down

brim folded up

*gotta give credit to Courtney B. for the catchy title. 


The first 4 pictures were taken by me:

These next ones were taken my by cousin's husband:

The Babies (cousins)
Noah (3 mo), Caitlyn (4 mo), Gunnar (9 mo)
 yes... gunnar is the smallest of the three

(not a good picture of me, but it's the one my cousin's husband chose to send)


The BWing section is complete (ok sorta... I need to add resources)!
Head on over here and check it out!

*Feel free to leave thoughts/comments/questions on that page.

Ten on Tuesday

1. A Thanksgiving post will be coming as soon as I get the pictures from my cousin's husband.. promise!
2. I was bitten today for the first time. Luckily, it was just on my leg, but it hurt!
3. I finally decided to let Gunnar CIO*. He's 9 1/2 months and without a doubt should be sleeping through the night. He's more than capable of putting himself back to sleep but has gotten used to me doing it for him. So, for 2 nights, I slept downstairs and let him cry each time he woke up without going upstairs. Like I knew he could, he put himself back to sleep. I would go upstairs at 5:30 to nurse him then he went back to sleep until 8:30. It was wonderful. He's not completely STTN yet, but we're getting there.
4. Speaking of, he's finally got himself on a new 2 nap routine. It works wonderfully. I love it.
5. See?
8:30- wake up & nurse
9:30- breakfast
11:00- nap
1:00- wake up & nurse
2:00- lunch
3:30- nap
5:30- wake up & nurse
7:00- dinner
8:00- bed

6. I went a whole week without making a post. Oops! Sorry!
7. Gunnar makes this awfully annoying sound now. I don't know how to describe it other than it involves a lot of spit and sounds like gurgling. (ick!)
8. I'm SO thankful that Gunnar cannot crawl. Why, you ask? Because if he could, there is no way I would have been able to sit him on the bathroom floor in front of my computer (which was playing a favorite show of his) while I took a shower... and have him not make one single peep. It was heavenly.
9. Has it been mentioned how much this child love green beans? It's true. I didn't think it was possible for a baby to have a certain favorite food.. but if it is, green beans is certainly his. Oh, and mac n cheese it out. He's less than thrilled with it.
10. I have 2 weeks left of this semester. Thank Gosh!