18 Months & 1 Week

He's officially closer to 2 than he is to 1... *sobs*. How the heck does this happen so fast? Time is just flying by!

Gunnar is now in the 45th percentile for both weight and height! It's amazing! He has NEVER been that high on the growth chart and his pediatrician is absolutely astonished and overjoyed and how far he has come. After having quite a few months of him not even on the growth chart for weight, for him to be at 45% is a BIG deal. Of course, he still has a huge noggin and is staying nicely at the 95th percentile. In addition to his awesome all boy bigness, he also finally had his anemia test done and I'm proud to say that his level was at 11.5 so he is not anemic! Hallelujah! I won't lie, I was very nervous and thought he might be since he hardly ever never eats red meat. He does occasionally eat beans though so I guess he gets enough iron from those and his veggies that he loves to much.

Unfortunately, Gunnar still isn't actively talking. He occasionally says things such as ya, wow, woah, oooh, and the very rare ball, but it's not on any regular basis. Therefore, I hardly would call it talking. Because of that, the doctor is a little bit worried, but not a ton... yet. In 3 months (so when he's 21 months for those math inept people), if his speech has hardly improved or not improved at all, I will be calling his doctor and getting him set up for a speech evaluation. Typically, speech therapy is not started until 24 months, but the process can take a while to actually get going as well as show any results. Because of that, his pediatrician starts the process at 21 months if needed. I'm hoping and praying that he won't need to go. There isn't anything wrong with speech therapy at all; it's actually very common these days. However, it would just be an extra thing that's going to be on my mind. Gunnar is in daycare full time now so I'm hopeful and have faith that being there and around all those kids will encourage his speech to pick up. This is something that I have to put in God's hands, though. He ultimately knows what will happen. Either way, my son will be fine and will, in his own time, talk.

Lastly, there were no vaccines today because silly me didn't realize that his shot record wasn't in the diaper bag. When I got home, I couldn't find it so now I have to go on a hunt to find the lovely yellow booklet that I just had in my hands on Sunday.

Oh and for those wanting numbers... he's 25 lbs 9 oz, 32 inches tall, and 19.75 in head circumference.


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