8 Weeks 5 Days

I can't even begin to explain what I've been going through the past 4 weeks since I found out I was expecting. Every day I get more excited and anxious, yet also more worried. I have yet to see my munchkin or even hear it's heartbeat and that, as moms-to-be and moms know, is expected. I've dealt with a horrible case of all day "morning" sickness since 5 days BEFORE we found out and the exhaustion.. oh my word. Lately things have gotten a lot better though. The sickness has begun to subside and not be as frequent although it does make an appearance every so often. The tiredness is still my biggest symptom and so are my many trips to the bathroom throughout the day. Overall things have gotten much better and I'm happy with that.
Tomorrow will be my first prenatal appointment with my brand new ob/gyn. I'm nervous because she's a new doctor for me but I have plenty of faith because I'll be going to Saddleback Hospital which is know for it's amazing maternity ward. I'm hoping I'll get to hear the heartbeat and maybe get an u/s (although I'm not counting on it). My appointment is bright and early in the morning so I most likely will need a nap afterwards but I'll be sure to post an update on how it went!
Lastly, the hubby and I finally came to an agreement on a girl's name this morning. This has been the most difficult thing I have yet to do. I got to the point where I wanted a boy sooo badly because I thought we would never agree on a name for a girl. However, we have! Now it's time to send some girl vibes my way! I'm not going to reveal both first names publicly until we know the gender but these are the first initials and middle names:
boy: G. Thomas
girl: K. Elizabeth
now it's just time to wait until I'm 18-20 weeks so we can find out the sex! yay!

Here's my 8 Week Belly Pictures (since I've slacked on making my first post since creating this)


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