oh the slacking

Yesterday I hit the 10 Week mark!
Wow I never thought I'd slack THIS much at the very beginning of blogging. Can I use the "I'm pregnant" excuse for this one? No matter the case, things have not been too crazy or hectic at all- I've just been beyond drained and find myself wanting to do nothing but lay my head on the pillows and drift off into my insane dreams.
About that doctors appointment... everything was good! My weight was 126 (it fluctuates between 124-127) and I didn't get to find out what my BP was but I'll definitely be asking at my next appointment so I can keep track in my pregnancy journal. I finally got my PAP for this year which was long overdue and I haven't heard any news about it so I'm guessing everything was fine (?). My OB/GYN said my uterus was measured at 9 weeks (I was 8 weeks 5 days at the time) and was growing right on schedule but it was a little thin; she didn't seem too concerned about that though so no need to worry at this point. I decided the only test of the optional ones I wanted to receive was the Sequential Screening (blood drawn+U/S) because it's the least invasive and doesn't require anything that would totally freak me out. Luckily my husband and I have perfectly healthy families with no histories of any types of illness so there's a VERY slim chance that my pregnancy will be high risk (also because I'm young). Tricare approved the request to have the testing done so I will be going in on Aug 14 to Mission Hospital to have that done- which I'm so excited for! Anyways, back to the appointment, my doctor pulled out the Doppler to see if she could hear Munchkin's heartbeat- no luck though. However, because of this, she wanted me to come back in two weeks (Aug 7) so she could try and hear the heartbeat then! YAY! After all that craziness was over I went to the lab and had about 10 viles of blood drawn. Now if you know me, you know that I cannot stand the sight of blood- especially my own. It seemed like she was taking blood for about 10 minutes! It took forever and a day. I'm just happy I had my hubby right there because that was NOT a fun experience for me; one I unfortunately have to get used to though. All in all it was a good appointment and I'm very happy with the doctor that Tricare picked for me, she's so awesome.
As I mentioned previously, my next appointment is Aug 7 followed a week later by my sequential screening appt.
In other pregnancy related news, the nausea has finally decided to not go full force on me anymore. I still get it from time to time but it's not to the point where it's a daily battle. I do however get more headaches, get lightheaded WAY too easily, and still don't seem to have the energy to ever finish the laundry- let alone any other chore. I still haven't even taken my 10 week belly pictures which is sooo not like me considering how much I love belly pics (but don't we all!).
My goal for this next week is not only to find a job that works for me and my upcoming school schedule but to also find ways to extend my energy so I can get more things done during the day. I like going to bed feeling very accomplished and lately I haven't even had the energy to let myself THINK about the stuff I didn't do. Never in a million years did I think this was so tiring. I'm counting down the weeks until the 2nd trimester when I know things will get better!


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