It's a ...

as most of you now know, we're expecting a lil baby BOY! I couldn't be more excited. before we found out I was dead set on wanting a girl but once we found out it's a boy, i no longer wished it was a girl. i've babysat baby boys all my life so i have a ton of experience with them and i think i'd be somewhat at a loss as to what to do with a girl- a boy would just be personally easier for me. the more i've let it sink in and what not, i really hope our next child is a boy too (but we'll see if i still feel that way after this one). my appointment went well, with one little concern. the ultrasound tech found a cyst under the placenta so now i have to have a follow up on that to see how the blood is flowing and if everything is alright- from the u/s everything with the baby looked perfect so my doctor isn't too concerned at all... but i am =/

after my appt we headed over to babies r us to start the registry. lets just say i got a tiny bit carried away with the whole boy theme lol. my son will have a ton of blue boy stuff. if you'd like to take a look or feel like shopping here's the registry: <-- search for Ashley Koehler


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