One Day Shy.

... of 19 weeks! That means one more week and I'm at the halfway mark! Boy does time fly. Things have been hectic and full of new and exciting events this past week. To start off, I felt the baby kick from the outside on September 24 (17 weeks 6 days). Unfortunately my husband was working all night and wouldn't be home until the following day so he didn't get to feel Munchkin then. However, on Saturday night (September 27- 18 w, 2 days) we were laying in bed watching a movie and the baby was kicking HARD so I took Sean's hand and put it on my belly and sure enough the little one kicked Daddy! Sean got really excited but was sad because he only got kicked once. Lots more where that came from though. This week is midterm week- woo hoo... not. In addition to that my husband is out of town from tues-fri on a hunting trip with his dad and bro, boo. However, that is good for me because then I can concentrate on studying like a good student. Because of my midterms, I doubt I'll post tomorrow so I figured I'd give the baby update one day early.

This baby is very active, and loves my left side. Every so often i'll look down at my stomach (as i did yesterday) and will see a huge bulge on my left side, trying to moon the outside world perhaps? Anyways it's totally cute but a tad bit creepy lol. My uterus is huge, who knows how big in relation to a type of fruit it is, i'll have to consult my WTE book for that. I've gained a total of 4 pounds in 19 weeks- not exactly what my OB wants but if i'm healthy then I don't see the problem. The itchy belly continues on almost a daily basis now. it's bareable though, thankfully. So far I have NOT experienced the following: darkening of my skin, heartburn (knock on wood), and leg cramps.

The big news (or upcoming news really) is that NEXT MONDAY, OCTOBER 6, we find out the sex of the baby!!!!!!!! My u/s is at 10:45am and then i'll see my OB by 11:45 and get the regular check up stuff. I'm so excited but i think my husband may be even more excited than myself lol.
19 week belly pictures will be posted tomorrow if I get the chance!


  1. Meggan

    aww i can't wait to know the sex :) i think it's a girl, just cause i can so see you with a little girl! lol. my stomach gets bigger on one side sometimes too! when they get bigger, you can feel their body parts, like my stomach will get hard and then she'll move and it's soft again! it's so weird! lol. i'm glad he got to feel the kicks! it took ours forever to kick jacob! she's stubborn.. and you're so lucky you haven't had leg cramps cause ohh those things HURT! okay i'm done with my novel now :)


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