on the move.

10 months have gone by and crawling was no where in sight. We pretty much gave up any hope of it happening since Gunnar had well moved onto bigger and better things... cruising. It didn't help that the child would immediately roll onto his back once place on his stomach. Every. Single. Time.

Lately, though, he hasn't been so against being on his stomach. After falling onto his bum more times than I can count, he really had no choice but to enjoy being on his belly. Yesterday he started to really get into it and would push him self around in a circle (as he used to do months ago) and would kick his legs fanatically. And then it happened.... to my surprise, this morning, I spotted my child one moment laying on his back next to the couch and the next he is on his stomach in the middle of the living room. How the heck?? I kept an eye on him and watched as he started to low crawl towards a block that was on the floor. I was shocked! What? My child? The one who was supposed to skip the crawling stage and go straight to walking..... actually low crawling! And to think it literally happened over night! I was so happy for him. He needs to work on his upper body strength badly so this will help a ton.

Watch out.

Gunnar is on the move.

And he's goin' fast too!


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