Cloth Diapering

Major Brands and Acronyms

All In Ones (AIO)
*Does not require a cover
*Does not require a cover
GM- Goodmama (
- These one size (OS) diapers require a cover. GM also now makes AIO diapers called
  “The One.” Various types of fabrics are used and *most* come with snaps, but there
  are some that come snap-less. GM also makes overnight diapers as well as trimfolds.
- BSRB has fitteds, prefolds, and AIOs. All of their diapers are snappiable and 
  pinnable. They are also all OS. 
- fitted diapers and also all-in-two (functions like pocket or an AIO with an extra snap
  in soaker. Piddle Poddles come in a OS infant and OS toddler. 
SB’ish- Sustainable Babyish (
- these fitteds come with snaps or without (in which case you would need pins). 
  they are made of organic bamboo fleece and come in various solid colors as 
    well as overnight fitteds. These diapers are sized. 
Prefolds (PF)
GMD- green mountain diapers (
- these are the most common PFs and come in various sizes. 
SB’ish- Sustainable Babyish (
- SB’ish flats come in either organic bamboo terry or hemp/organic cotton fleece. 
  These flats are pinnable or snappiable. 
PB&E- Peanutbutter & Ellie (
- preflats are a cross between prefolds and flats. there’s an extra layer all around instead
  of in the middle alone. It is folded just like a prefold. There are two types: Grae and
  Molly. Graes are snappiable and pinnable. The molly works best when used with pins.
  These are sized. 

What Do I Use?
Our current stash is made up of:
- 8 bleached red edge GMD prefolds
- 12 regular size unbleached indian prefolds
- 7 goodmamas (2 snapless)
- 4 flip diaper covers
- 5 wool longies 
-  1 pair wool shorties

Wash Routine:
1 cold rinse cycle
1 hot wash/cold rinse w/ detergent
1 cold wash/cold rinse cycle, no detergent
2 extra rinses
dry on medium heat
*every 3 washes I add vinegar to extra rinse #1 and then add a 3rd extra rinse


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