11 week appointment

I had my 11 week appt. on Thursday (8/7). It was no big deal; the reason for the appt was just to see if we could hear Munchkin's hearbeat.
Took all of 2 seconds after getting in the office for me to run to the bathroom- I downed quite a bit of water and hadn't gone to the bathroom for 2 hours prior to make certain I had to go- and I did.
Weight was taken, I "gained" 2 pounds (we ate some lunch at the mall literally RIGHT before my appointment). Blood pressure was perfect- 107 over 69! yay!
Then my doc came. She went over the blood work I had done last time. Everything came out perfect, nothing to worry about! I now know my blood type and that I'm also rH Positive which is good news. 2 Minutes later she had the doppler out and we got to hear our beautiful child's heartbeat. It was the most amazing thing ever and made this whole pregnancy finally seem so real. I was giddy for the rest of the day because of that =)
A future appointment was then made for 5 weeks later (I'll be 16 weeks then). I was told that I needed to gain 5 pounds by then, not something I'll be able to do easily but I don't have a choice. The upcoming appointment is were I'll have my second portion of the Sequential Screening- the big U/S. The appt I have this upcoming Thursday is just for the blood work-- boring. I'm hoping that we might be lucky enough to find out the sex of Munchkin at my 16 week appt, I know it's possible; let's hope we have a baby that likes to flaunt his/her stuff!
Well that's all for now I guess, my energy is back up the way I like it and I'm starting to get my appetite back. Good news!


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