An Updated Cravings and Aversions

In August there was a post made about the things I craved and averted. Since then things have obviously changed so I figured I might as well make another post with the recent likes and dislikes of mine.


  • Hamburgers (yep, still) with Extra pickles!
  • Grilled Cheese w/ LOTS of pickles!
  • See a pattern? yep, it's Pickles!
  • Fruit
  • Juice
The Yuck Stuff:
  • Chicken
  • Ranch
  • Pizza
  • Turkey


  1. Kassi

    I've never been a pickle person, so YUCK. LOL. But chicken was a no no for me, and I could eat some steak! hehehe. I love hearing other women's symptoms while pregnant!

  2. Ashley

    i've never been real big on pickles (unless they were bread and butter) but even then i had to have a major craving for them. now it's like i always want something i can put pickles on lol.

  3. Meggan

    lol this is funny b/c i crave ranch, chicken and pizza!


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