Wrapping Up the Year

... or unwrapping since Christmas was just a few days ago. This year has flown by so fast I can hardly believe it. 8 months ago my husband was coming home from Iraq, and 7 months ago we found out I'm pregnant. We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary, my 20th birthday, our first Christmas being physically together, and now we're 5 1/2 weeks away from me being full term. I never thought pregnancy would go by this fast, and I'm definitely excited that it has. It's been a good while since I've posted any new updates on my pregnancy but nothing too exciting or note worthy has happened, until yesterday. I woke up yesterday noticing that my belly seemed smaller and a lot lower than usual. Midday came and I still looked the same and even felt some unpleasant pressure in my pelvis and a lot of pain in my butt while Sean and I were out shopping. When I got home I took a picture to compare to my 31 week pics (just 2 days prior) and sure enough, Gunnar had dropped. It wasn't a significant amount, but still lower none the less. Now today rolls along and I go out to do my final shopping at Kohls. I woke up feeling like he was even lower than yesterday. I had a lot more pressure than before and felt like I had to pee even after having already gone (not to be confused with the unpleasant sensation when you have a uti though). When walking around Kohls my pelvis hurt and I felt a little crampy but nothing serious at all. My butt hurt even worse and the right side of my lower back also killed. The only relief was when I sat down. Later on, as in an hour ago, I decided to take another picture to compare yet again. I compared to both my 31 week picture and my pictures from yesterday. He dropped even more as I had presumed. The kicker came though when I placed the image from 31 weeks and today (31 weeks 3 days) side my side. My oh my how low he is! See for yourself:Please, please, please pray for me that I deliver between 37-38 weeks. Who knows what my chances are since *normally* first time babies stay in longer, but seeing as how school is out and my only real event until he's born is my baby shower I'd rather not have to wait until the end of February to be blessed with his presence. I just want to have my baby boy already!


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