Pregnancy Week by Week

Week 1: The Journey Begins
Week 2: Baby Koehler Conceived!
Week 3: Morning Sickness started (I didn't realize I could be preggo)
Week 4: June 22- Found out we're Expecting!
Week 5: 2 Months Pregnant
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 8: 1st OB appointment
Week 9: 3 Months Pregnant
Week 10: OB appointment- heard heartbeat for the 1st time
Week 11:
Week 12: OB appointment- 1st U/S & blood work
Week 13:
Week 14: Felt Baby move for the first time; 2nd Trimester!
Week 15: OB appointment- sequential screening part 2
Week 16:
Week 17: Morning sickness subsided; Felt baby kick from outside (17w,6d)
Week 18: Daddy felt baby kick for the first time (18w,2d)
Week 19: It's a Boy!!!
Week 20:
Week 21:
Week 22: 6 Months Pregnant
Week 23: OB appointment-140 bpm
Week 24: OB appointment- cyst under placenta is benign. Baby is 1lb 9oz
Week 25: Leaked colostrum for the first time- left side only
Week 26: Felt the outline of Gunnar's foot when he kicked (26w,6d)
Week 27: Final Trimester. OB appointment- passed glucose screening test
Week 28: Gunnar hangs out in my ribs. No longer able to eat a lot.
Week 29: No longer able to see over my belly while showering...
Week 30: Gunnar confirmed to be in head down position
Week 31: He dropped a little... cervix is lower


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