The new year has finally arrived; Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully this year will be better than last (no matter how good 2008 was to you). There's some much anticipated events happening this year for growing family and we're so excited we can hardly contain it!

First of all is the much anticipated arrival of Gunnar Thomas in February, surely to be the highlight of the year. In June Sean will officially be doing a LAT move to a new mos (tank crewman hopefully) and going active AND my younger brother will be shipping off to Marine Corps Boot Camp on June 22 which will be shortly followed by his 18th birthday. To end the year with a bang, we'll be celebrating my 21st birthday! This year is bound to be great with all the exciting things happening.

The holidays were festive and fun, although very draining for me. I didn't have to do anything but just being around so many people and the constant last minute shopping and after Christmas shopping really wore me out and made me feel less than spectacular. Now that that is all over I have had time to rest and re-coop for next week. This next week I have 3 awesome things happening. For starters, I get to see one of my best friends Colleen whom I miss an ungodly amount, I have my 33 week ob appointment where I'll ask my OB to confirm what I think and feel (which is that Gunnar is engaged) and then on Saturday I have my baby shower! Let's just say I'm not getting much sleep due to the anticipation for the upcoming events. Let's hope January flies by so our little boy can hurry up and make his appearance; we're all so impatient to meet him!!


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