33 Week Appointment

All is well in the land of pregnancy. I've managed to drop 4 pounds since my last appointment (2 weeks ago) which can happen in the 3rd trimester due to losing amniotic fluid, just usually not this early on. When I first got into the office I took my usual route straight to the bathroom to do my urine sample because lord knows I can't wait that extra 5 minutes to pee lol. As soon as I got out, the nurse was right there waiting to weigh me then took me to the room and took my bp. It came out to be an astonishing 148/80! Umm.. yeah, something was not right with that so she said my OB would probably have her come back at the end of my appt and try it again.

Enter Doc M. We went over questions I had first.
1- She's putting in a Rx for Nexium for me since Pepcid AC did nothing
2- Gunnar is about 4 lbs- 4 lbs 2 oz ("normal" for 33 weeks is at least 4 lbs 8 oz)
3- She aggrees that the pedi I have chosen is a good one!
4- Group B Strep test will be done at my 36/37 week appointment
5- Gunnar is head down and definitely engaged
6- hospital policy for inductions is at least 1 week overdue unless medical reasons call for it

We then got to hear his heartbeat like we always do at every appt which i love. She then told me to lay on my left side for 5-10 min and then the nurse would be back in to re-take my bp. When the nurse came in and took it I was very much relieved to hear it went back down to what is normal for me- 107/60. The previous high bp reading was chalked up to the fact that I hadn't gotten the chance to sit down and relax before it was taken. That's all there is to report this time. Nothing too exciting happening just yet, but in 4 short weeks i'll be full term and that's when the real fun begins! I can't wait!


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