I've found the perfect bottle... that's right, PERFECT! Gunnar's never had any problems taking a bottle so it wasn't a matter of finding a bottle that he liked, but finding one that I liked. We have a ton of avent naturally bottles and they're great, but don't mock breastfeeding as well as other bottles do. We also have a couple Nuk bottles, but they only have one nipple size which I didn't like. After some browsing at BRU I came across the Nuby bottles. I remembered a post from CW where several ladies said they used the Nuby sippy cups and loved them so I decided to try it and see how it went, specifically the Nuby Natural Natural Touch bottles. After the first night using it I knew I had found my favorite bottle. I love everything about it and Gunnar took to it with ease. My goal is to BF for a year and right now we're at 10 weeks and going strong. However, he does get a bottle once a day and it's very important to me that it's not just any bottle, but one that promotes BFing and this bottle definitely does it! Let's just say this bottle made my job a little big easier =)


  1. Cassie

    I wish I could have discovered those bottles when Jackson was having trouble breastfeeding. It would have made things so much easier and maybe we would have been able to do it longer than 3 months. Hopefully with the next things will be better.


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