3 Months!

Gunnar turned 3 months on Monday and holy moly how time flies! I can't believe he's already 3 months old! I took him to the pediatrician today to do a weight check and he weighed in at 10 lbs 2 oz & he's about 23 inches. He's on the (very) skinny side. According to the percentile growth chart, he's below the 5th percentile. He eats really well so I know that's not the problem, he's just got some skinny genes! His personality shines through more and more each day. He continues to smile, coo, and giggle the morning away- it absolutely melts my heart! Development wise, he's doing great! We're still waiting for him to roll over from stomach to back, but he dispises doing tummy time so that milestone is difficult to reach. He can hold is head up really well and keep it fairly steady, with the occasional flop. A couple days ago I tried sitting him up against the pillows on our bed and he stayed upright, no flopping over or anything! So, Gunnar can officially sit up supported- YAY! Reaching for toys is the next milestone that we've been working on and just taking day by day and maybe he'll get the hang of it soon.

In other news, the Koehler family has dived into the craziness that is cloth diapering. I have a ton of friends that do it and only ever say good things about it so I figured why not! It saves a TON of money (after the initial purchase) and we can use all the diapers until Gunnar is potty trained then we can use them for the next baby. Sean doesn't have a preference one way or the other when it comes to CDing but he gave no objection when I said I wanted to try it out- I am the one who does the laundry and therefore washing the diapers after all. In addition to CDing, I've been more active in baby signing. Anytime Gunnar eats I sign "milk" and "mommy." He seems to LOVE when I sign to him because he always smiles and really pays attention to what I'm doing with my hands. I know it's recommending to start at 6 months because that's when babies will start to really learn it, but there's no harm in doing it even earlier! In another month I'll add "Daddy", "ball", and "dog" to the sign vocabulary. I'm excited to see how this plays out; I love that my child will be able to communicate with Sean and myself and not have to get frustrated when he can't use words.

That's all for now!

-The K's


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