Gizmos, Gadgets and Things of that Nature

The other night I was going over some things that we "need" and some things that I "want." I'm starting school again (yay!) at the end of next month and will get a very nice grant. Since I'm going to a JC I won't need to use all that money, so we plan on using the rest of it to pay off some (or all) debt and the rest to put in the savings. While I was going through how much it would cost for school and supplies I realized we'd have a nice chunk left over. With that in mind, I started to think about some things that we will be needed in the not so distant future. Here are those things:

1. Britax Boulevard CS- G is starting to get a little to heavy for me to be carrying him around in the infant carseat so a convertible carseat is a must.

2. Baby Einstein Stationary Entertainer- We never purchased one because it's not something you use right away and didn't see a reason to spend that money at the moment. Now, though, it's becoming obvious that it's something we could really use.

3. 15 in Macbook Pro- My laptop bit the dust a few months back and we have yet to buy a new harddrive for it. It's $90 that I can never seem to justify spending when Sean has a laptop I can use (which is on it's way to it's death bed as well). It occured to me last night that school money is to be used for school supplies and living expenses... thus a laptop that I would be using for my online classes would be an essential expense. Ever since my senior year of HS when I took video production, I've wanted a mac. I love the way they work so much more than a pc. So, if I can, I'll be getting this beautiful laptop.


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