Ten on Tuesday

1. A bowl of cereal is ok to eat for 3 meals during the day.. right? Because today was one of those stay in your pjs all day and eat cereal.
2. On that note, why yes, I did stay in my pjs... all.day.long.
3. I'm a Gleek =)
4. I am convinced that Gunnar had a growth spurt a few nights ago. One night he fits in his 6 month pjs and then next he didn't. I can't believe he's actually wearing 6-9 month clothes (well, pjs only) now! My little boy is getting so big =(
5. So I'll regret this later, but we're* working very hard on getting Gunnar to crawl. He finally has no problems staying on his belly for any length of time so it makes working on it easier. He's still got a while to go, but now we're encouraging it lol.
6. My realization of the day: If you want something badly enough, no matter how hard you try, you won't be satisfied with giving up because it will always be on your mind.
7. My blackberry's trackball doesn't stay in anymore. In fact, the outer ring is no where to be found so when I use BB, I have to hold the trackball in so it doesn't get lost. Fun stuff, huh?
8. Baby boy is sick with a cold. Luckily it's not affecting him much at all. He's still as happy as can be, has a healthy (ok.. ravenous) appetite, and is sleeping through the night with no problems. But, prayers that this passes soon would be lovely =) I hate hearing him cough
9. Oh yeah, speaking of sleeping babies... mine sleeps through the night now! Heck YES!!!
10. I need a new charger for my camera... it's been MIA for a good month now and I feel utterly lost without it! I can't even take pictures of my beautiful blue eyed boy =(

*by we I mean me and my in-laws


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