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It is my blog after all... so of course I can make a post completely dedicated to plugging my business =)

If you haven't already, go check out Arbonne Ashley and then come back and read this post. 

Arbonne is an incredible company with amazing, completely natural products and the chance for anyone to start building their own business. Right now, our holidays specials are out and there are some great products that would make for some yummy smelling holiday gifts... and think about it, you can do a lot of your shopping all in one place, online! 

Here's a few of our holiday specials: 

Pampermint Gift Set

Give a gift of cozy comfort with pampering foot care and warm socks. Includes FootWork Foot Scrub, SoleMate Foot Cream, plus a delightful pair of soft, stretchy microfiber socks. Gift boxed

Ginger Citrus Gift Set

Finding the perfect gift just got easier with this inspiring set, including Body Wash, Sugar Scrub and Body Butter, all enclosed in a charming gift box. A $76 value, for $68.40. Gift boxed 

*The ginger citrus set can be purchased individually, as can many of the other sets available! 

Are you a loyal Arbonne customer who orders frequently? Maybe you plan on make a big purchase this holiday season? Then becoming a *Preferred Client is for you! 

To become a PC* there is a $30 sign up fee. HOWEVER, if you make a purchase of $150 or more, the fee will be cancelled out by the discount (so it's like you're not even paying it!) and you'll receive a free gift with your order! How easy is that? As a PC, you will receive a 20% discount on every single order for a whole year. In addition, you can have friends and family order their Arbonne products through you and you'll receive a 4% override from their orders! A 20% discount and 4% override.. how great is that?! This deal is so easy (and always available) so it's hard to resist... so don't! Ask me about signing up to become a preferred client TODAY!

If you're interested in anything at all, including learning more, receiving some samples, or have questions about the products, feel free to send me an email (, message me on facebook, or text me! I am extremely easy to get a hold of!

*keep an eye out later for the Ten on Tuesday post!


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