Compulsive List Makers

... you all will be able to appreciate this.

As most of you may (read: should) remember, I returned home from my trip exactly 1 week ago. However, I didn't actually get home until around 7 pm. Since then I have been going non stop. I don't have any projects on my knitting needles *gasp!* because, frankly, I don't have the time to knit. Also, school kind of comes first and I need to catch up/ get ahead. For the past week I've been living off of several lists and have had my pretty orange highlighter in hand, to cross of things as they've been accomplished. Thinking back I've done A LOT and I'm pretty darn proud. So here's my list of things accomplished and things left to do:

target (x3):
 - snacks for G
 - curtains
 - new bedding for G
 - hair clippers
grocery store (x2)- food for G
BRU (crib)

School Work:
study for lab exam + class friday morning
3 lab supplements
1 lab exam review
outline for research paper
psychology assignment
nutrition assignment
1 online course work
1 online lab
1 lab worksheet from lab manual
Child development final

purchased new crib
took apart old crib
put together new crib
disposed of old crib
rearranged furniture
cleaned out closet
cleaned out under the bed
organized changing table/dresser (ie: got rid of clothes that were too small)
bought curtains
put curtains up

made gunnar's 1 year well visit
purchased new insurance
pay usaa
texas a&m application
pay at&t
pay credit card
check oil in car
cut G's hair

Still to do:
mail baby beanie
finish psychology study guide
DNA worksheet
buy present for Brayden
purchase closet organizer (went to purchase it, but lowes decided they'd lie and not have it)

Holy crap that seems like a lot more all written out. I think this proves that I have yet to catch a single break. Thankfully, next week is spring break so the homework load will subside for a bit.


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