Post Vacation Insanity

It happens to everyone, right?
I feel like since we got back Wednesday night I have been going non stop. I can't seem to catch a break! Immediately when I got home I need to do 2 lab packets for bio, a study guide, and study for said lab exam 2 days later. In addition to that, I realized I have an outline for my research paper due on Monday (and I JUST today picked a topic and got it approved). I also had a final assignment for my infant/toddler class, a psychology assignment, and I needed to pick up reading my book for psychology paper that's due in a month. You'd think that I didn't do any homework while on vacation... but I did. This is all stuff that piled up in the last couple days I was in Texas.

On top of all the school work there's the usual unpacking and getting back into the groove of things again. My suitcase is still sitting on my bed. I just finished putting away laundry that was left when we took off, hung up the new clothes Gunnar got for his birthday and that I bought while on vacay, cut his hair which was much needed, wrote and sent out the thank you cards from his birthday party today, paid bills, ran some much needed errands, and mailed my transcript requests from my two schools today.

The things I still need to do? Finish my outline for my research paper, write my admission essay for Texas A&M (didn't know I was applying for colleges, huh?), put away my clean clothes and get the suitcase out of my room, vacuum, go to the store tomorrow to get G some snack foods, wash clothes and diapers,  clean out my car, take said car to get it aligned, buy a birthday present for a special little boy who's turning 1, pick out and order Gunnar's new crib, and continue doing the school work that just keeps coming.

I swear it's never ending. 


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