Dried Fruit- The DIY Way

If your child (or even you!) is anything like mine, he can't seem to get enough dried fruit. I love giving it to G because not only is it relatively healthy (I only buy organic, sugar free) but it's so convenient and easy to take with you for a snack on the go. The only problem? Stuff is expensive for such a small package, especially when its organic. I decided the other day that my new DIY project would be to make my own dried fruit. I made about 90% of G's baby food and about 98% of the food he currently eats is not processed so why not? I did some research and found this page as my how to: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/how-to-make-dried-fruit/

I'm pretty darn excited about it because it doesn't seem too difficult at all! The only thing is that now I need to get an electric food dehydrator (http://www.ronco.com/rco_prodinfo.aspx?pid=FD1005WHGEN&color=&active=ascry) because it would make this process so much faster and easier. While I could save the money and just put the fruit in the oven, having to keep an oven on all day with the door partially open is not an ideal situation when you have a 15 month old walking around getting into everything. So the dehydrator it is! I can't wait to be able to get this and start on it. I plan on making all the dried fruit I possibly can! Are you interested in trying it too? I think you should try it =)


  1. Misty Smith

    that sounds really fun! my dad has a dehydrator I might use when we go home in July and try it out


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