Hey May Not Speak Words....

but he sure is smart! My son that is, in case you didn't catch that. He has yet to say any words that we can understand, but he "talks" a lot now. All through out the day you will hear "ahh da!" and "ya ya ya ya" and "muh ma muh ma muh ma" and my favorite "mmmm" (which means yummy). Since I made this post, Gunnar has learned so much more! In addition to being able to point to one body part (his head) he now knows where his belly is and will lift up his shirt and show you when you ask.

Isn't that just adorable?  I was so happy to actually get a good video of it the first time around (score!). Gunnar now knows the following and will go get them when I ask/perform the action:

Puppy= his green puppy toy, Scout
Mr. Penguin= toy penguin that goes "wooo hooo" when you hit it haha
diaper. he won't always actually bring me a diaper, but he walks over to where they are
"get out of bed"
"throw the ball"

He also knows when I say "snack time" it means I'll be going into the kitchen to get him some food and he follows and tries to open the pantry. And finally.... he learned how to drink from a straw today! He did it once, and then had some trouble after that, but he does know now that he has to suck in order to get it out. I found an excellent technique online and it seems to really work. We just have to keep practicing so he remembers! 

Days are getting better and I find myself saying "don't touch that please" and "gunnar get out of there" less frequently, if at all. His listening skills are certainly improving and he's well aware of what he is and isn't allowed to do. 


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