C is for Cyst

Today was my appointment for a follow up on the cyst found under my placenta. GOOD NEWS! It's Benign! The doctor said that the cyst was something very common; they see it just about everyday. It's the result of amnion rising up and doesn't interfere with the baby at all. That was definitely a huge relief for me even though my OB said not to worry about it.

In addition to finding out that good news, we got to see all the other bits and pieces that make up our little boy. His kidneys are perfect, so is his heart. All measurements are right on target too! He's in the breech position with the top of his at the very tip top of my uterus (which is RIGHT under my ribs now) and his feet are off to the left side.. which explains all the kicking i've been feeling in my pelvis. Sean and I both noticed that this kid seems to have incredible long legs- just like his mama. His nose also looks to be the same as mine, but we'll see for sure in a few weeks. That's right! On November 26 we're having our 4D ultrasound! yay! I'm way excited for all the excitement that will bring.

That's all for now, hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!