day three: it's an addition...

Knitting that is. How can anyone resist beautiful yarn? I know I sure can't! Today we visited yarn store #3 in hopes that they would have a wonderful selection of cascade and they sure didn't disappoint! It was magnificent. Not only did they have 220, but also cascade paints! In addition to the wonderful selection of cascade, there was a TON of other wool. Oh how I wish my lys was like this one! I envy Cassie for living within a half hour of such a yarn heaven. In addition to the pretty red I bought, I also bought another set of 16" size 5 circs (addi turbo this time) so I could cast on 2 pairs of longies at once... which I need to do since I have some much new yarn!

After spending time at the yarn store we headed to get sonic for lunch thanks to the massive craving we conjured up for ourselves... it was delish!

The boys are now playing happily around, getting in to trouble, the usual. And in big news.... it's snowing! I've only been in snow up in the mountains and it was already on the ground. But now, it's actually falling! I'm beyond thrilled because I didn't think the weather man was actually going to be correct. So now we (or maybe just I?) am enjoying the snow flurries that are falling.


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