day two: yarn please!

Monday we decided to head out to this yarn shop that was supposed to be amazing. Emphasis on the "supposed." It was not. Huge disappointment. There were all of 3 (or maybe 4) colors of cascade 220 and maybe a few other brands on wool. Not what we wanted. We did each buy 2 skeins of a beautiful charcoal color though.

After that huge disappointment, Cassie decided to check the cascade website to see if there were retailers close by that sold it... sure enough, there were 3 other places. 2 of them are closed on mondays so we went ahead to the one that was actually open. It wasn't a fun drive there, but it was nice and had a MUCH better selection. There we each bought some more yarn. We were really looking forward to going to this next place called Twisted Yarn though. Based on pictures we saw on their blog, they certainly had a beautiful selection of cascade... but that would have to wait until tuesday.


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