day four: like a sponge

After our Tuesday day or "rest," if you can call it that, we decided to venture out to the Houston Children's Museum so the tots could actually do something that they would enjoy for a change (versus walking around yarn store after yarn store). There's a children's museum not too far from were I live and I wanted to take Gunnar there for his birthday but that unfortunately didn't happen. Because of that, Cassie said that we would take the boys when we came to visit... so that's what we did! This place was huge! Overwhelming doesn't even begin to describe it. For Jackson, it was like a huge playground. He was able to walk (or run rather) all over the place and play with everything. For Gunnar though, he's still a little small and short to be able to reach everything. Luckily for us, the place is equipped with a special area for kids up to 3 years old. It was perfect. Exactly what they needed. So many toys for them to play with, things to manipulate and get their brains working! I enjoyed watching the both of them play so much. I've never seen my little man play like that before so it was a real treat. I also learned a lot about him and he's been surprising me each and every day so far this week with the things he knows.

For starters, my child (to my utter surprise) knows what "lay down" means in the context of nap time. I've been having some difficulty with him napping here the past few days and yesterday I would come in the room and he'd be standing up so I would say "lay down" and he just plopped right down! When I say "night night" he puts his head on the pillow. At the children's museum, he watched Jackson push buttons and manipulate toys and he followed suit! He's just like a sponge and absorbs so much so fast! It always amazes me that such young children can figure out how toys work even if they've never played with them before.

My favorite part of our trip were Jackson "driving" a girl on a "date" in the toy car (pictured above) and also when 2 older girls came up to Gunnar to give him toys and play with him. Our boys clearly have this girl thing figured out way in advance.

The rest of the day was far too eventful for my liking as well, but here are some simple highlights from our trip so far that I haven't blogged about:
- Gunnar eats Jackson's food.... all of it. Example: he stole Jackson's pb&j sandwich tonight and we didn't realize it until it was too late. 
- he had his first taste of dog food a couple nights ago
- the boys took a bath together tonight for the first time... so cute and hilarious!
- for the first time, Gunnar has access to a dvd player and you can bet your bottom he loves that thing!
- i have over 150 pictures from the past 4 days.... over 100 still need to be edited. i'm working on it


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