why hello, beautiful

My new lens came today and needless to say, I'm beyond ecstatic. I have to thank MckMama for being the one to recommend this lens in a post of hers. It's truly amazing and I'm sooo happy to finally have a lens with an f/stop that goes below 4.5! (btw: it's a Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II)

Here she is in action (yes, my lens is a she):

On a side note: it's been a pj day here today. Mommy (still) has lots of biology homework to do and no errands to run at all, so there was no need for us to get dressed. Now I will confess that on a "normal" day, it's very rare to see me out of my pajamas before noon unless I have somewhere to be, but Gunnar is *always* dressed first thing in the morning... it just takes me a little while longer. So I guess today is more of a pj day for both of us, seeing as how I never bothered to change him. These days are fun every once in a while =)


  1. Kassi

    LOVE HIM!!!! LOVE YOU!!! LOVE that you blogged (again, finally, woman! Gosh, you'd think you were trying to raise a kid all by yourself while going to college or something! LOL. :P) AND I LOVE the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens!

  2. Kassi

    Check out momtog.com, it's amazing! As weird as it sounds, I never take my 1.8 under 2.0 or 2.5, it's so sharp and fabulous!

  3. Misty Smith

    it's love :) and keeley says hi to her boyfriend!


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