The View from Above

The plane ride went better than expected... but even still, I never want to travel with a toddler by myself ever again. Not once did he cry or make a fuss (yay!) and I attribute that to my preparedness of having a bottle of milk for him to drink during take off and landing. I also made sure to have a new toy (as you'll see in the pictures) and some snacks for him to eat while I ate the meal the flight provides. We ended up getting a whole row to ourselves because the back of the plane was pretty empty which was nice. Even with our own row, my child insisted on constantly climbing over me and on the seat.

Cute story: there was a family sitting in front of us that had 2 boys,  1 I'm assuming was around 18 months or so and him and Gunnar kept smiling and looking at each other.

All in all, it was a decent flight and the landing was especially cute. We arrived in Houston around 7:10pm so it was dark out and they had the runway all lit up... which Gunnar LOVED! He kept climbing over me to look out the window and when he did he smiled and started giggling.


  1. Kassi

    Yeah! I'm glad Gunnar was so good on the plane. Darin insists on being "THAT" child when we fly. (Yes, you know THAT kid...) LOL.

    Have fun!!!!


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