"16" Week OB appointment

This morning I had my 16 week appointment, even though I'm not quite 16 weeks yet. My morning didn't start out too hot. No more than 5 minutes after I woke up I was hanging over the toilet throwing up (lovely, I know). I have been doing so well in the nausea department too that I was hoping it was coming to an end- guess not. Anyways, for the past couple weeks I've been freaking out that something was wrong with my baby thanks to the lovely posts I read on the babycenter mommy boards. I weighed in at 130, which was before I went to the bathroom. When I can home I weighed myself again and I was almost 2 pounds lighter because I had finally peed out all the juice and water I drank (I was VERY thirsty). My BP was 129/70, a lot higher than it was last time but nothing to worry about. My doc's nurse whom I love very much because she is so sweet reassured me that the pains I was having around my belly button were definitely growing pains. Doc M (as Sean calls her lol) finally came in she went to straight to the comp to check my results from my sequential screening. Those results came back perfect with me being a nice low risk pregnancy so she was happy about that. Today was the day I was to have my second part of the sequential screening (basically a follow up). BECAUSE of my good results, I only needed to have blood drawn- no U/S, so we didn't get to see Munchkin today or get a peek at his/her goods. That wasn't a huge deal to me because I got to hear my baby's heartbeat and that put my mind at ease. All I wanted to know was that my child was still alive and moving around. I had a few questions to ask too. She showed me where the top of my uterus is- so cool! Told me I'm no longer allowed to lay flat on my back- boo. And said that those taps I'm feeling at night may very well be the baby, especially since when she checked for the heartbeat, Munchkin was on the left side which is where I've been feeling the taps. That concluded my appointment.
The main point here though is that we didn't get to see our Munchkin which is what we were hoping for. Our next U/S, when I'm 19 weeks, will be on Oct. 6- so we'll find out then for sure!


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