Slacking. Oops!

It has come to my attention thanks to a fellow blog stalker and CW sister that I'm overdue for a blog entry; and boy is she right! So thanks Kassi for giving me that kick in the butt to update my blog =)

I haven't posted in a while because, well, I didn't think I had anything to really talk about that was of any importance since there have been no major events. I was wrong. A ton has gone on!\
For starters, I'm now 15 weeks which means I officially entered my second trimester last Thursday (finally!). Not a lot to update on Munchkin except that if all goes well, we may find out for sure what the gender is on Monday, September 8! Let's hope our little one is not afraid to show its stuff like last time. 
As far as my pregnancy in general goes, I'm feeling 100% better! Morning sickness has died down. I have energy. Sex drive exists, woo hoo! My belly is really growing. And I finally have some new prenatals that don't make me puke. Unfortunately, there are always some negative symptoms. I'm dizzy/lighted what seems like all the time. Growing pains HURT! My belly itches. Back is killing me. And I still get up at least 1-2 times a night to pee. Overall though, I'd take these symptoms over my first trimester ones any day. Still not sure if I've felt baby yet. There have been a couple moments when I thought so but I'm just not at the point where I can really tell yet. That's all in the pregnancy department.
Since most of the pregnancy related stuff isn't too juicy, I figured I'd add a little bit of life in general. My marriage is awesome and we're creeping up on our One Year Anniversary- September 21! I can't believe how fast this past year has gone. Sean is really getting into my pregnancy and tells me often that "I really look pregnant and am showing a lot." Silly man lol, duh! He's also big on kissing my belly and cannot wait for the day when he gets to start playing music to my belly for baby to hear. I love his excitement about this all, it helps to reassure me that everything WILL be ok. 
In other news, school started back up 2 weeks ago and I'm now a sophomore! I absolutely love school and am thrilled to be back. Sitting around all day is just not something I'm good at. I'm a nerd lol. Unfortunately, due to the baby in my tummy, I'll only be going to school for the fall semester but I'm making it my goal to not let myself get behind. I am still determined to graduate in 4 years! After this semester I'll only have 5 units left of GE and I'll have completed 1/3 of my total unit needed. Time for some internet classes to keep up! 
My brain is not up to its full potential right now. It's 8:20 and I'm done with the "active" part of babysitting (aka- child is now asleep). I'm worn out and tired. Can't think of anything else to write. If something pops up, I'll write about it tomorrow. Until then, God Bless and Good Night!


  1. Kassi

    a few things:

    #1--love the new background--doesn't that website rock?
    #2--So glad you updated FINALLY. LOL. Only like a month went by! I love blogging, I never blog about one specific thing (although Darin does seem to pop up alot! LOL), just talk about life! It's so much fun and you can never run out of things to say!
    #3--Glad that morning sickness is gone!


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