Kicks and Squirms


For those of you who have been pregnant/are pregnant, you know. Those first kicks, thumps, squirms. They're just amazing. And let me tell you, I have quite the active lil munchkin in me! This baby LOVES to kick and punch mommy at night- and they're quite strong too. I figure that in no time hubby will be able to feel it too- maybe he can feel it now? I've been feeling baby now since I was 15 weeks, but I wasn't positive if it was the baby or not at the time. Everything is just peachy and baby is being a lot nicer to mommy now. Except now I'm dealing with the following symptoms:

  • growing pains- OUCH!
  • back pains to a greater degree
  • dizziness.. still
  • and this isn't exactly a symptom but since I can't lay on my back (or even reclining because of the pressure) I'm having one heck of a time finding positions that I'm comfy in


  1. Meggan

    aww i love them too! just wait until he/she follows your fingers and kicks and you can see it on the outside! i'm the most annoying mommy ever probably, i'm always messing with her, trying to make her do it! lol. oh and lying on my back is the ONLY comfy position and i can't, it sucksss! ok, i'm done with my novel lol.

  2. Kassi

    yeah for first flutters!! Just wait until you actually SEE your belly moving. It's almost freaky and unnatural. LOL. And poking them to have them kick you back is soo much fun!
    Do you have a pregnant pillow? I had the Boppy pillow and LOVED it. I could prop my knees on it and it helped me get comfortable on my side. I also had a body pillow behind me to kind of prop my back up so I was kind of at an angle. The PX should have a pregnant Boppy pillow for cheap.


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