Bear With Me.

It's quite obvious that I'm making some blog changes. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the second link (the one right up there ^) to change what it says because that piece of the code disappeared... yet it still shows up. So bear with me as I try to get this all perfect. The links work, just the title of link #2 doesn't depict where it's taking you to. So sit tight, and don't fret (okay okay, it's me that needs to worry about that, not you). Explore the new layout and familiarize yourself while I get this all in tip top shape.

Until then.....

Start making your weekly food lists for your child(ren)! After reading the comments left on my last post, I realized that I ended up being a lot more helpful than I thought. That makes me excited... happy... thrilled that I could help! I noticed that y'all planned on writing down some of the things, if not all, from my list. Because my list changes each week (some of it, but not all), I've decided to post Gunnar's food list every Sunday! Hopefully this will help those of you who are in a creative rut to explore new foods and realize there's so much more out there to feed your child! This is still a learning process for me and I'm discovered new tips and tricks that make toddler feeding easy so I'll be sharing those with you. Please please please feel free to leave your lists too! I'm sure that y'all feed your children stuff that I haven't even thought of! I'd love to hear what they are!

Happy eating!


  1. Just Another Girl

    The new layout looks beautiful and I love the banner! Great job!

  2. Ashley

    Thanks Tammie!


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