What's on the Menu?

What's cookin' at your home today for lunch? Or what did you have? What did your little one have? I have yet to eat and honestly, I'll probably be unhealthy and pick something up while we're out running errands since that's the easiest thing to do. Gunnar on the other hand, is currently enjoying a very healthy and tasty lunch consisting of:
string cheese
spoonful of peanut butter
pineapple chunks
handful of dried berries
1/2 of a hard boiled egg

I wish I could feed myself the way I feed him. And I should! It all looks so delicious. I did steal  ask to have the other half of his egg so it wouldn't be sitting in the fridge and get gross. I took the silence as a yes =)

Did I mention that my child doesn't eat meat? I'm not sure I did, but I might have. In any case, unless it's a certain type of chicken with a certain flavor (haven't figured out what exactly those flavors are) he won't touch it. And meat? Forget about it. Steak is out of the question, hot dogs are out, and so is ground beef. That's why you won't be seeing any of those on my lists. Plus, the idea of hot dogs just grosses me out so I really wouldn't want to feed them to my child (albeit, he has had hot dogs before and ended up throwing them up which is why I think he doesn't like them anymore... can't say I blame him). You'll notice a lot of the things I give him are chalk full of protein (peanut butter, eggs) and that's to make up for the lack of chicken he eats. I also try and provide a lot of things that are high in iron since he ONLY gets those from the fruits,veggies, and lentils. Beans are a BIG hit with the little man. They might not make for the nicest diapers, but they're full of iron and a perfect finger food! Also, betcha didn't know, but dates are high in iron as well. Yes they're a sweet fruit, but they have a lot of iron in them so Gunnar eats those frequently as well. Some of our big "iron" foods are: dates, beans, green beans, whole wheat foods, peas, watermelon, and sweet potato!


  1. Jess

    The baby oatmeal also has a lot of iron in it! That's what I give Raleigh since she doesn't get too many veggies. She loooves that oatmeal, especially when I mix with yogurt.
    Does Gunnar not like chicken nuggets?? I thought every kid did lol. I make Raleigh's homemade and I stick cheese in them too, they're delicious!

  2. Meggan ♥

    Emalyn had pineapple chunks, grapes, cucumber & some goldfish :) She loves meat, except for turkey! lol. I buy her those Gerber meat sticks a lot and she scarfs them down!

  3. Ashley

    Jess- Nope, no chicken nuggets! He used to eat them but he won't anymore. Little booger.

    Meggan- Awesome lunch! Definitely sounds like a meal gunnar would have =)

  4. Just Another Girl

    Have you tried giving him tofu? Kaydra is not a big fan of meat (other than salmon), but she goes crazy for chunks of firm tofu. I don't even do anything to it- she loves it plain and cold. It's funny and kinda gross all at once.

  5. Ashley

    Tammie- I haven't tried tofu yet. Tofu weirds me out so I haven't even thought to buy it and try it lol


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