Shakin' It Up Sunday

Today we did things a little bit different here at home. Typically, Gunnar wakes up around 8 and we play in the room for a half hour, eat breakfast and play some more. By 10:30 he's ready for his morning nap. However, today was different. I decided it was time to try something called room time. I learned about this from Kassi who learned it from Diana. It's an excellent idea and a great way to keep a mommy sane! Up until now, Gunnar has just been too young for me to be ok with letting him stay in the bedroom by himself. Plus, he just wasn't a huge fan of me not being around him. I decided to let him play in the room for about 25 minutes (with the door open and a baby gate across the door) while I went downstairs to make myself breakfast and eat it in peace. Because, you know, as a mom of a toddler, you absolutely cannot eat any food without your child whining and wanting to have a bite off your plate. I go through it every morning and it's far too annoying. So I decided to shake it up. This morning, after I took a shower, I put Gunnar in his room and put Clifford on to make sure he'd be ok with me not being present and I scooted myself downstairs to make breakfast and eat in peace. It was delightful. I needed it so much. He was absolutely perfect just keeping himself busy with Clifford and his toys upstairs all by himself while I was downstairs eating my yummy breakfast. This will now become part of our morning routine and possibly afternoon as well. It'll give me a few extra minutes to do my homework in peace which is always wonderful and needed.

In an upcoming post... I'll show you Gunnar's new sleeping arrangements and tell you how it's working out for us.


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