Had enough time to drool over the yarn swatches in my previous post? Dying (hehe, yarn humor) to know what it's going to be made into with the chance that you may be able to purchase it? Well, let me tell you!

Tomorrow at 11 am (pst time) I will be stocking.........


Only one of you will be able to purchase this item. As stated in my Etsy store, something like this is a once a month occurrence since I don't have the time (currently) to be sitting and knitting away on shorties and longies even though I'd love to. 

The yarn in my previous post will be what is used. The top one, Spumoni, is for a girl, and the bottom one, Robin's Nest, will be for a boy.  At this time, I'm not 100% sure I will be doing a different color waistband and cuffs, but there is certainly a possibility, I just need to find coordinating yarns to go with them.

So again, 11am tomorrow morning I will be stocking this one and only pair for this month. You will be able to choose between the boy yarn and the girl yarn as well as the size you'd like. If your child isn't born yet, I will make a newborn size.



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