My Lord and Savior

I obviously would be non-existant if it wasn't for God. And without God, I wouldn't be saved by my Lord. I am who I am because of my Faith. I'm 100% proud to call myself a Christian and strive to live by the Word. Like any other human, I make mistakes and am fully aware of them. What sets me (and other believers) apart, is that not only to we acknowledge our mistakes, but we repent. My Lord's everlasting love and forgiveness is amazing. I want to be a better Christian and I try day in and day out to make that happen. He's is always there for me. I don't even need to ask, and he is there. No one is like Him. My Savior is an incredible one and the only out there. He loves me for me and would never ask me to change. I can be who I am because there is no one to impress but Him, and even I don't need to impress Him because he knows me. Whenever I'm having rough days (which happen occasionally, but not as frequently as they used to) I dive into my Bible and find comfort and strength. It is the only real cure all for what I am going through. I know that if I didn't have my faith, this whole deal would be so much harder on me. I'm constantly being told how strong I am and that people are amazing that I don't let how I may be feeling show through. Well, my strength comes from my Lord. My ability to not show what I may be feeling comes from my baby boy. I have no reason to worry about what might, could, or is going to happen. I have no control over it. He does. I lift all my worries up to Him and leave it at that. Faith is an incredible power that I'm so thankful that I have.


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