Ten on... Thursday?

*Children's Edition!

1. Gunnar can say "dadada." Not to be confused with "dada."
2. See?

3. He can also walk while holding onto someone's hands!
3. Proof:

4. Guess what else he can do... oh yeah, Fake cough.
5. Check it out:

6. Little man is also fully capable of putting himself to sleep... on his BACK! Such a huge 
accomplishment for him.
Now, we just need to work on getting back to STTN*
7. Tooth #4 is here! After over a week of crankiness, not sleeping, pools of drool, and
immeasurable amounts of Motrin, it's finally here!
9. Why yes, I did take pictures of my son playing with a fire hydrant.
10. 9 months & 1 week of amazing, beautiful, and perfect breastfeeding. That's goal #3 out of 4.

*Sleeping Through The Night


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