Teeth Galore

3 weeks ago my sweet gummy baby boy cut 3 teeth. He currently has his two top front teeth and his bottom left tooth. He looks so silly since his tooth came in out of order and he's stuck with only one bottom tooth. Yesterday I was taking a look at his gums, wondering if that other bottom one would come in, and lo and behold, I saw a tooth right underneath his gums. It's extremely close to cutting through. I actually expected it to have come through last night since he was drooling like crazy and was extremely cranky and clingy yesterday. However, that didn't happen, so now I'm praying that it cuts through tonight. Gunnar was nothing like this when he cut his first 3 teeth. I didn't eve know he cut them! This time though, he's super cranky and doesn't want me to put him down or even go out of his sight. It's not easy what so ever. When he does cut it he'll finally be proportioned! haha. So here's to hoping the next day or two results in a new tooth!


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