Ten on Tuesday

1. Who in their right mind waits until there is only ONE diaper left to do the laundry? Oh yeah... me.
2. New addiction- cafe world. I said I wouldn't play any other facebook app besides farmville but curiosity got the best of me... and now I'm hooked. That can't be good for the little one, can it?
3. Gunnar is officially off pureed foods (yuck!). I'm a little sad because now I can't make his baby food, but I do still make all of his "big people" food so I guess that's ok.
4. He had his first Gerber Graduates meal yesterday. Ravioli and green beans. He LOVED it.
6. My son definitely chewed on the dog's toy. Yuck. Did I bother to stop him when I noticed? No way. It was too cute lol.
7. I'm actually caught up on my "thankful for" posts. Crazy huh? I didn't think that would happen.
8. I've re-fallen in love with PFs*. They're amazing and oh so simple and easy. I've decided that my first big purchase is going to be 2 dozen PFs, a couple GMs**, and the new flip diaper. The fitteds will ONLY be for nighttime and the PFs will be during the day.
9. We're working on more signs now. Even though Gunnar hasn't learned any sign other than "milk", I have. In addition to: more, milk, thank you, please, mama, and food being part of our daily conversations, I am now doing colors, dog, book, and phone.
10.  Isn't he just precious?

**Goodmama Diapers


  1. Jess

    I tried teaching Raleigh signing and French, but then I quit! I really need to get back to it.

  2. Kassi

    I'm the queen of waiting until there is 1 diaper left to do diaper laundry. LOL. I've been known to shoot up at midnight from a dead sleep remembering that "aww crap I gotta start a load of diapers!" haha.

  3. beachbum

    Ohh man, I'm addicted to Cafe' World too. Even my mom is haha!


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