More specifically, my ability to breastfeed. I've come to find that even though many women want to and have the desire to, it's not always possible. There are several close friends of mine who could only do it for a short while, and while that's still better than nothing, their desire was to do it for a year. Because I know it's not something every woman is capable of doing, or that some medical instances may prevent them from doing it for a full year, I am extremely thankful and grateful that I can. It's an amazingly beautiful bond that I've formed with my son. Over the past months I've gone from wanting to wean him after a year to 100% deciding that he can wean himself and there will be no "he can't go past this age" limit on it. I want nothing more than to keep this bond with him because not only is it healthy for him, but also for me. I'm so thankful that my body has not only been able to let me BF, but also that I've never had any issues with it what so ever. I completely understand how incredibly lucky I am and there's not a day that goes by that I don't remember that.


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