Gunnar Thomas Koehler

My little bundle of sweet baby boy joy. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for him. He makes everyday worthwhile. As each day passes I fall even more in love with him and can't believe that I had a part in making him. Children are a huge blessing and a miracle and he is nothing short of that. I'm so thankful that my sweet boy is not only happy and growing well, but also healthy, especially after having pertussis at 6 weeks. He may do things at his own (super slow) pace, but that's just more reason to love him. He's in no hurry to grow up and I should embrace that and be grateful for it too. I am thankful for my one true love, my heart that lives outside my body, my love at first sight. My handsome sweet baby boy.


  1. Misty Smith

    I <3 that photo of him! I love that he's in no hurry to grow up because I feel like they are way too fast as is.

  2. Jenny Colborn

    this is cute (:


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