My Daddy

I'm the textbook definition of a daddy's girl. I've always been that way. My dad has been there for me through thick and thin. He's always available to talk and never judges. I can go to him for anything and never hesitate to tell him good news or bad news. When things are getting crappy I know I can count on him to make me feel better, or to give me a different perspective. He's extremely rational and never raises his voice. In fact, not once in my (almost) 21 years has he ever yelled or raised his voice at me. Ever. He's taught me everything I know and is an incredible man. I'm so happy to call him my father and the grandfather of my child. My son will learn so much from him in the years to come. He's my daddy and I love him. I'm thankful for him.


  1. Jess

    that is such a pretty picture of you!:)

  2. Ashley

    aw thank you!


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